Do you have it all together?

If someone asked you do you have it all together? What would your answer be? Would anyone ever answer yes to this? If so this post is not for you, you perfect human. Lol i’m kidding ( i’m really not). Anyways i dont know about guys, but us girls tend to feel pressures about certain things in life. Having to have accomplished certain goals in life by a certain age is definitely something that occupies our minds more than it should.

You see we live in a time where everything is public through social media, and seeing your peers accomplishing amazing stuff in life can naturally make you compare your own accomplishments to theirs.

Young women are often expected to graduate from university, get that dream job, find “Mr. Right”, get married, and  have some babies and preferably in that order. We all know that’s not always the case. Not every woman follows this path in life, and you know what? Thats completely fine, because there’s more to life than living up to “society’s” expectations of  how you should live your life. You wanna travel the world first? or maybe start up that business you had planned? Or what about training to run your first marathon? All of these things are completely normal. I for one say, DO YOU girl. Do what makes you happy, work on bettering yourself and boss your life up in any way possible. At the end of the day, what matters the most is your happiness and being content with and proud of the young woman that you have become.

I hope this post reaches you in great spirits and that you have enjoyed this quick read. Please comment below, and let me know your thoughts on this topic as i know this matter affects many young women across the globe. I’ll see you on my next post. Besos x



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