5 steps to start a fresh year of 2018

Hey ya’ll. So i’m here, unable to understand that we’re approaching the end of 2017. I know it feels like the year has gone by so quick every year. However this year in particular feels exactly like that. At least for me. On the other hand, maybe its good a sign  and maybe its time to start planning for the new year ahead.

Imagine this. A whole new year, 365 days of fresh, new, “straight out of the box “days are right around the corner.  Close your eyes and imagine the kind of year 2018 is going to be. Do you get a feeling of excitement? Perhaps its a feeling of uncertainty? Or maybe its a feeling of motivation? Whatever the case, it’s time to bid farewell to 2017 and prepare for the new year of 2018. Below i have listed 5 steps to starts afresh.

Step 1: Appreciate

This is the first step of moving on in life and unto new bigger and better things. Appreciate the life that you have first and foremost. You have gotten this far and survived yet another year. Try to accept and appreciate that, whatever you have gone through thus far, you’re still standing. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder, because you did that.

Step 2: Understand

This one might make you raise your eyebrows at me, but hold on. Understanding why certain things happen to you can be difficult and stressful at times, however nobody promised us an easy life. Sometimes understanding why you didn’t get accepted into that particular Uni, or why that job opportunity didn’t work out can make you really frustrated, but maybe this happened to make you available for an even bigger accomplishment. I guess what i’m trying to say is, try to view things from a positive point of view, though it might not always be easy.

Step 3: Prepare

So we’re in the process of wrapping up this year. Preparation is therefore key. You don’t want to reach the end of 2018 having unfinished business (if you know what i mean 😉 ).Try and find out what works best for you in terms of planning or strategizing. What goals do you have, when do you want to achieve these goals,  and how long should you spend on executing your plan?. Consider these aspects, roll up your sleeves and put your game face on. You got this.!

Step 4: Be selfish

If you’re not used to putting yourself first, now is the time to think about doing so. Contrary to popular belief, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being selfish at times. I know its not always easy, but sometimes saying ‘No’ to that outing you really don’t want to participate in is okay, or spending time doing favors for people who don’t necessarily  appreciate you. Life is simply too short, and if there’s a time to start prioritizing yourself, now is that time my friend.

Step 5: TLC 

TLC ( Tummy Loving Care). No i’m not talking about that yoghurt ad we see on tv. Lol.  Everyone needs a little bit of TLC. This is all about self love, and unapologetically putting yourself first. This coming year is all about you and making your whole life #Goals!. Don’t forget to reward yourself for the hard work you’re putting in, making yourself successful. Self love is not only about getting a facial or a mani/pedi. Treat yourself mentally and emotionally too. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, support you in all that you do, and encourage you to work hard. The people who love you and make sure you feel their love, and bring out the best in you. This truly is the road to genuine happiness.

I hope these 5 steps reach you in good spirits and that you are able to incorporate them in your plans for the coming year. If you wish to add any more, don’t hesitate to comment below and let me know. Enjoy the rest few weeks of 2017, and I wish you all a happy happy new year of 2018. Until next time. Besos x


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