Quality Time – My Favorite Time

Hey ya’ll. Welcome back to the blog. I hope you all had a great weekend. So todays topic is about quality time. What comes to your mind when i say these two words? Often times the idea of quality time brings joy to peoples minds. A number of studies even show, that one of the contributors to contentment and happiness in ones life, is spending quality time with loved ones, doing anything and everything that brings a smile on your face.

For me quality time equals time spent doing what i love with the people that i love. It’s all about putting everything else aside, and paying my full and undivided attention to those around me that i hold near and dear.


Here in Denmark we have the term “Hygge”, which no one but the danes can explain. Quality time is the closest thing to describing “Hygge”. The process of planning quality time with friends/family usually starts with ” Hey, let’s go “Hygge”, and you know it’s about to get lit 😉

My idea of “hygge” /quality time usually starts first with planning a meet-up place, whether it be at home, or getting together at a restaurant. Depending on what the theme/ setting  is, i decide whether or not i wear a fire outfit along with a made -up face, or go for a low-key ‘au naturel’ look. Hygge for me is about being around a comforting environment, laughter, good food, uplifting, inspirational /motivational conversation and so much more. Quality time is also a time to celebrate and be celebrated, and sometimes gifts and surprises are part of the gatherings. Skærmbillede 2017-12-12 kl. 20.39.21.png

After a day of  ‘hygge’ you should feel relaxed, energized, inspired and most of all happy and content. I consider one the greatest blessings in life to be surrounded by people, who genuinely care about you and enjoy your company. To be able to spend time with these individuals is something i never take for granted, and will forever cherish.

If you have a close circle of people who you love spending time with, please appreciate this, because many people don’t have this blessing :).

I hope you enjoyed reading this short but sweet mid-week post. What do you enjoy doing with your loved ones, and what’s your idea of quality time? Comment below and let me know, i’d love to hear your thoughts. Until next time, happy ‘Hygge’ 😉



9 thoughts on “Quality Time – My Favorite Time

  1. I love spending quality time with people! My husband and I don’t get enough of it and should start incorporating it into our schedules


  2. Quality time is so important. I love your rationale for why it should be incorporated into your life and the reference you gave to “hygge.” Spending quality time with those you love shows them how much you care.


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