Tea Tree Oil – My Road to Clear & Glowy Skin

Hey ya’ll. Happy new year, and welcome to the blog, i hope you’ve all had a smooth transition into the new year. So, have you ever gone through a time where you feel hydrated, skin is glowing, you’re minding your business and living your best life?. All of a sudden you start breaking out, feeling stressed and skin issues start popping up out of nowhere? If you can relate keep on reading. Continue reading “Tea Tree Oil – My Road to Clear & Glowy Skin”


My First Ever Trip To Somalia

Hey ya’ll and welcome back. It’s been a while. I know i’ve been MIA lately , but i’m back. I hope you’re enjoying the last couple of days of 2017.

Todays post is about my first trip to the motherland Somalia 😀 . So if you’ve read my “Get to know me” post you’d know that i was born in Somalia but raised in Denmark. I left the country at the age of four and never had to opportunity to go back, until March 2017.

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Quality Time – My Favorite Time

Hey ya’ll. Welcome back to the blog. I hope you all had a great weekend. So todays topic is about quality time. What comes to your mind when i say these two words? Often times the idea of quality time brings joy to peoples minds. A number of studies even show, that one of the contributors to contentment and happiness in ones life, is spending quality time with loved ones, doing anything and everything that brings a smile on your face. Continue reading “Quality Time – My Favorite Time”

How To Avoid Overspending And Save Money

Money doesn’t grow on trees, or technically since it’s paper, it does right? :p Anyways happy winter ya’ll.  So we’re slowly approaching the winter time, and if you’re anything like me, you convince yourself that you actually need a new wardrobe. Because why not? The stuff that you wore last winter has somehow gotten old over the past 6 months, or simply ” out of style”. So now, you’re trying to go shopping, and this is the ultimate excuse to spend the money you’re supposed to be saving. Now we both know it’s a bad idea, but that Montclair winter coat, and those Hilfiger boots are looking real cute and you’ve already started imagining your OOTD, But WAIT.. Continue reading “How To Avoid Overspending And Save Money”

Fitness Goals of 2018

Happy first sunday of December Ya’ll.

So we all go  through a time in our lives where all motivation to work out is nonexistent. And if we are being honest, sometimes the idea of hitting the gym can make you want to strangle yourself, so you put it off.  For me, this then leads on to a series of excuses to be a no-show at the gym, which then demotivates me to eat that salad, so instead I reach for that chocolatebar and fries, and it’s all fun and games until… MY DAMN JEANS DON’T FIT NO MORE..!!! Continue reading “Fitness Goals of 2018”

5 steps to start a fresh year of 2018

Hey ya’ll. So i’m here, unable to understand that we’re approaching the end of 2017. I know it feels like the year has gone by so quick every year. However this year in particular feels exactly like that. At least for me. On the other hand, maybe its good a sign  and maybe its time to start planning for the new year ahead.

Imagine this. A whole new year, 365 days of fresh, new, “straight out of the box “days are right around the corner.   Continue reading “5 steps to start a fresh year of 2018”

Do you have it all together?

If someone asked you do you have it all together? What would your answer be? Would anyone ever answer yes to this? If so this post is not for you, you perfect human. Lol i’m kidding ( i’m really not). Anyways i dont know about guys, but us girls tend to feel pressures about certain things in life. Having to have accomplished certain goals in life by a certain age is definitely something that occupies our minds more than it should.

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